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Scar Tissue



Conceptual art intervention at the disused Waterloo International Eurostar station for Remembrance Day 2012.

Natasha Reid was invited by Platform-7 to create an artwork as part of London-wide cross-disciplinary live art event, No Man’s Land. She created a series of sculptures, made of fractured plaster and splintered timber, which aim to evoke the state of displacement and instability endured by individuals during wars, past and present.





Waterloo Eurostar entrance






The sculpture’s fragmented forms reference the physical destruction inflicted by conflict, alluding not only to buildings but strata and landscape, all things which give the illusion of stability and the reference points for society, which can be shattered during war.


The physical breaking of the material to make the piece echoes the violence being thrust into a state of uncertainty, the stability of the past shattered and the future unknown. Their twisted forms further underline the sense of instability and the distribution of the pieces, scattered across the floor, allude to flotsam lost at sea, seeking terra firma and security.



By temporarily occupying disused space in the public realm, the project investigates how spatial interventions and human activity overlap to create thresholds and territories which can activate empty space through simple means.