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Narratives of Cultural Displacement



Research and development residency at the Merz Barn investigating the narratives of Art, Architecture and Cultural Displacement through experimental installations

Natasha Reid was commissioned to carry out an intensive week-long residency where she led cross-disciplinary workshops for practitioners. She created site-specific 1:1 experimental installations responding to and investigating the themes of Home, Exile & Cultural Displacement and Architecture, Refuge and Sanctuary.





The Merz Barn Project


Littoral Arts Trust




The residency research aimed to translate the emotional and social condition of Cultural Displacement, an intangible, invisible notion, into a spatial, physical form. She collaborated with artists to create a series of interpretations using a variety of materials and techniques.


The approach was to develop a spatial language or material expression through a continuous process of intuitive making, drawing and testing



Hanging in the balance, caught in a state of transition and tension, The Nest is rootless and fragile, grasping for permanence and certainty. Its ambiguous form fluctuates; at once solid and substantial, but also delicate and vulnerable. A transient sanctuary in an unfamiliar landscape. A ghost of a home left behind.


The Nest explores themes of forced movement and transition, uncertainty and instability, the lost sense of belonging, the notion of not being at home. The installation aims to provide a interpretation of these concepts through the spatial language of temporariness, ephemerality and transience.