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Installation exploring the relationship between the natural and man-made world




The Golden Section and Fibonacci sequence have been used throughout history in the proportioning of buildings and their elements. Flower:Tower abstracts the organisation of a sunflower head into a fantastical and imaginary cityscape.


From afar, the installation reads as a dynamic, sculptural mass, which undulates and changes as you move around it. As you get closer, the mass reveals itself to be made of multiple, bespoke elements. These are formed from delicate tracing paper, stiffened with fine ribs and filled with petals; a representation of life and individuals within a city. The scent of the petals draws people closer and hints as what is held within the towers.



The translucent and ethereal qualities of the tracing paper gives a sense of ephemerality and reminds us that the installation appears only for a fleeting moment. The petals themselves are only temporary as flowers live and die over a short period, and so the concept itself, of looking to nature for inspiration, reflects an investigation into how nature makes transient structures, not only of beauty but also with forms most appropriate to their function.