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Sculptural installation in disused swimming pool

Natasha Reid was invited to create an experimental intervention at The Albert for the launch of the new creative arts hub.





The Albert, London


The Albert Project




Surging out of an empty swimming pool in a soon to be demolished building, Flow is a site-specific installation reflecting on the rapid regeneration of a formidable estate in Kilburn, where the urban landscape is divided along unseen territorial lines. The South Kilburn Estate, a notorious 1960’s council housing development of 11 highrise blocks, is in a state of flux: The massive and comprehensive regeneration program underway for this estate is in evidence all around.




Flow responds to the fluidity of the urban fabric through the formal language of transformation, growth, temporality and movement. Sculptural towers rise up from a flow of debris, two waves frozen in the moment they rush up against the steep walls of the disused pool.


Daily newspapers were sculpted to form delicate organic structures, referencing the aspiration for the area to blossom and flourish whilst giving a sense of the passing of time.