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Embassy for Refugees Concept & exhibition



Conceptual architectural proposition exhibited as part of the Platforma Festival, 2011.

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Natasha’s “Embassy for Refugees” project was selected to be part of the Counterpoints exhibition in November 2011, held at the Rochelle School gallery as part of the Platforma Festival. The project has since been developed as a live urban intervention hosting Refugee Week events in 2013.





The Albert, London


Counterpoints Arts/Platforma




The Embassy for Refugees investigates whether the typology of the embassy can be reinterpreted in order to give ambassadorial status to a humanitarian issue and group of people rather than a country.It asks whether diplomacy can be employed for the marginalised rather than the powerful? Representation for the misrepresented?


It is a conceptual investigation into how architecture and design mediates relations between people and places. The project aims to catalyse new dialogues between different, normally divergent groups and organizations. It also questions whether diplomatic engagement of a social issue is possible through design. In summary, The Embassy for Refugees is a theoretical proposition, at once an investigation, a reflection and a provocation of the status quo.



For the Counterpoints exhibition, Natasha created an installation representing an embassy setting within the gallery space itself. Bespoke graphic illustrations were created and applied as "wall-paper" to create a typical formal setting. Frames cut from grey-board and engraved with detail were constructed to display the “Embassy for Refugees” project.