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An experimental installation project re-using and transforming the iconic fabric panels which wrapped the Olympic Stadium during the London 2012 Games.

Natasha Reid was invited to participate in an exhibition showcasing contemporary art practice in relation to the theme of Celebration. AfterParty explores themes of Urban Transformation, Legacy and History in relation to East London.





Forman's Smokehouse Gallery, London


Celebration: The Big Picture




AfterParty reflects upon the concept of an urban legacy and the future change the historic event will continue to bring to London and beyond. The Olympic “wrap” was re-configured to evoke the breaking dawn, and installed in a Hackney Wick gallery with a direct view to the stadium itself. AfterParty defined a space where visitors could reflect upon the shifts in the urban fabric already made and still to come.


This on-going installation project mirrors the process of urban transformation through the continuous reconfiguration and adaptation of the Olympic Stadium “wrap” material as a metaphor for the renewal and regeneration of the city fabric.



In order to highlight the paradox that the urban legacy of the Games cannot be conceived until after it has occurred, the project is deliberately open-ended with the end result unknown.


The key themes of transformation underpin the process and by re-using and hand-crafting a part of the Olympic stadium itself, the project aims to explore how emotional meaning, collective memory and history can become embedded in materials and architecture.